UDK Post-Process Tutorial: Eye Adapatation.

In this tutorial I go over the steps to create a simple eye-adaptation effect. This goes over most contexts where this feature might be applied and should be very useful for creating "hot" looking environments

UDK DirectX 11 Tutorial: Bokeh Depth of Field

This tutorial goes over everything you need to know to set up Bokeh-style depth of field with UDK and DirectX 11.

UDK Kismet Tutorial: Intermediate - Building a Horseshoes Mini-Game

In this tutorial, I give an overview of creating a horseshoe minigame in UDK. Although the minigame itself can be cool, the primary goal is to give a broad exposure to some of the more advanced utilization of kismet. The techniques learned here should give a general overview of creating variable-driven systems, as well as conditions and non-player collisions.

Photoshop Game Texturing Tutorial Part 1 - Normal Maps, AO and XNormal

This video goes over a good workflow for achieving normal and ambient occlusion maps using XNormal. This is a general overview but should be helpful for understanding some of the finer workings of the software.

Photoshop Game Texturing Tutorial Part 2 - Painting Base Color Layers and Details

This tutorial describes some Photoshop tricks and tips for establishing base colors and details for a texture.


Here is a collection of tutorials I created as part of my role as 3D art and game development tutor at The University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, AZ.


The University of Advancing Technology


Tutoring, 3D art, game design, Unreal Development Kit