Grave – Open World Survival Horror

Grave is an open-word, survival horror game that I have been designing and developing since January 2013. The game centers around a procedural horror system, where the player must constantly make choices about exploration and defense building as strange creatures increase in frequency each night.

We have been making the game available to download and play the entire time the game has been developed, with updates being made available ever few months. We have gone through a number of iterations on the games art and design, with what you see in these screenshots being our most recent developments.

Because the game relies on a number of procedural gameplay elements, such as enemy spawning, behavior and available resources, we have had to design the horror to hit players at a visceral level, rather than relying on directed pacing or "jump out scares." What we have found during development, however, is that those scripted elements aren't as necessary as we had anticipated. Our decision to use a day-night cycle has actually created a heightened alertness and increased sensitivity to alarm in our players.

As the only designer and technical artist, I have been responsible for setting up all of the game's levels and progression, as well as much of the art content. I have worn the hat of designer, writer, 3D modeler, animator and gameplay scripter. As a team of only 3 dedicated developers, we have to wear a large number of hats. In the shots on this page, I did the lighting, material set up, layout design and placement, in addition to some of the modeling. Our lead artist, Abigail Bagulay Moore, did an excellent job with primary set pieces in the game.

Grave is an expression of many of our long term goals for game development. We love stories, emotionally affecting experiences and lush, experiential play. We want to push the envelope of what's expected, not only of an indie game but of survival horror titles in general.


Positions held on Grave:
-Game Designer
-Level Designer
-LIghting Designer
-3D environment artist

Grave is a first-person, open-exploration survival experience. The player must discover a series of mysterious items that provide clues to strange happening in an abandoned and mysterious town. However, as night falls, threats loom in the darkness. Survive the night and uncover the secrets of the town before the Strangers in the night find you. beware that everything is not always as it seems.


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